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Small kitchen table set : Round glass tables : Pub table and chairs set.

Small Kitchen Table Set

small kitchen table set

  • on a small scale; "think small"

  • Small items of clothing, esp. underwear

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small kitchen table set - OXO Good

OXO Good Grips Mini Dust Pan and Brush Set

OXO Good Grips Mini Dust Pan and Brush Set

Reach for our Mini Dust Pan & Brush Set to clean up your next mess. The Brush features a soft, non-slip handle that is comfortable to hold while sweeping. A flexible lip on the Dust Pan provides maximum surface contact so dust and dirt are swept into - not under - the Dust Pan. When not in use, the Brush nests neatly in the Dust Pan for convenience and compact storage. Keep this handy cleaning tool in a kitchen or desk drawer, under the bathroom sink, or even in a glove compartment or seatback pocket.

84% (6)

When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide

It all started out so well. After I had discarded all unsuitable muffin recipes, Pip and I had relocated to the kitchen to set up on baking a badge of yummy chocolate muffins.

I don’t think we’re to blame for what happened next. After all bags of flour are heavy and our paws were maybe a bit slippery from all the chocolate we had try to make sure that the quality was up to our standards...

Long story short, we were banished from the kitchen!

Apparently there was just enough organic flour left, but our quality control had gone a bit too far and there wasn't enough chocolate to make chocolate muffins. But my clever mommie came up with a solution and made marble muffins. Luckily they only needed half the amount of chocolate.

However she insisted that we gave one to Henry. Our worries about his health were completely ignored.

So we set up a little tasting table so we could at least control the circumstances in which little Henry was to taste his first muffin. In case of an emergency I was to use the Heimlich manoeuver on him, while Pip volunteered to bring the offending muffin as far away as possible.

We kept a close eye on Henry as he slowly crawled towards the muffin and started to sniff it carefully. Although come to think of it I think Pip probably kept a closer eye on the rest of the muffins...

It turned out that our worries were unfounded... he took a small bite out of the muffin and then happily rubbed his tummy.

When he saw our dissapoin... err relived faces he broke the rest of the muffin in three pieces and shared them with Pip and me.

That made us so happy that we both gave him a big hug.

It should be noted that my mommie had done a wonderful job, because the muffins tasted delicious, yum yum :-)

The Great Escape

The Great Escape

JazzDomo: Dammit, cat! Come back here with my shrimp!

For the Re-ment Addicts Scavenger Hunt Round 1. :)
1. Box of chocolates: Re-ment Elegant Sweets Secret Set
2. Orange coloured food item: Is Dinner Ready Set #5
3. Blue plate: Megahouse Dachs Coffee Shop Set 3
4. Chair: Re-ment Cafe Table set
5. Teenie tiny item smaller than 1/4": Megahouse Black Cat Chef's Italian Kitchen Set #3

small kitchen table set

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