bar counter height table

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Bar Counter Height Table - Trunks For Coffee Tables - 7 Pc Dining Table Set.

Bar Counter Height Table

bar counter height table

    bar counter
  • A bar (also called a pub, tavern, beer garden, or saloon) is an establishment that serves alcoholic drinks — beer, wine, liquor, and cocktails — for consumption on the premises.

  • stature: (of a standing person) the distance from head to foot

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  • The quality of being tall or high

  • Elevation above ground or a recognized level (typically sea level)

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bar counter height table - Revolution at

Revolution at the Checkout Counter: The Explosion of the Bar Code (Wertheim Publications in Industrial Relations)

Revolution at the Checkout Counter: The Explosion of the Bar Code (Wertheim Publications in Industrial Relations)

The Universal Product Code (U.P.C.)--a small rectangle of black and white bars--adorns virtually every retail item we purchase. Yet twenty-five years ago, the U.P.C. was a mere kernel of an idea shared by a small cadre of manufacturing and chain store executives. Here Stephen Brown, the legal counsel of those pioneering executives, traces its origin and evolution.
The development of the U.P.C. illustrates the process of setting industry standards without government intervention and shows how systems of complementary technologies evolve. The economic consequences of the U.P.C. are investigated in an introduction by Professor John T. Dunlop and Jan Rivkin.

86% (10)

Hang them high...

Hang them high...

The Opera Nouvel (Nouvel Opera House) in Lyon, France is the home of the Opera National de Lyon. The original opera house was re-designed by the distinguished French architect, Jean Nouvel between 1985 and 1993 and is named after him.

Leaving only the existing foyer and the exterior facade, Nouvel tripled the space within the house by excavating below ground to create rehearsal space and, most strikingly, by doubling the height of the building by creating a steel and glass barrel vault which hid the fly tower as well as providing space for the ballet company. It has been noted that this achievement was "an architectural tour de force, in which the past has been successfully wedded to the future..", albeit with the limited backstage space of the 19th Century theatre still remaining.

The black colour and the light effects are really striking inside the opera house, particularly at the first level and downstairs, where an small amphitheatre, foyer with bar tables and counter can be found.

bar stool

bar stool

This is an Alfa Bar Stool. You can Choose from many diferent styles of seating so that you can match your kitchen and dining room tables. Its height is adjustable and it is apparently great as bar and counter chair. It doesn't look that comfortable to me.

bar counter height table

bar counter height table

Interdesign Over The Cabinet Towel Bar

Cabinet space can be extended further by mounting the Stainless Steel Over Cabinet Towel Bar belonging to the Forma line of kitchen and bath storage products. It can be set up over doors of cabinets and drawers of kitchens and bathrooms, and displayed either on the inside or outside of a cabinet. The brushed stainless steel finish on this Over Cabinet Towel Holder easily blends in with the interiors of modern modular kitchens or living rooms. Even after years of usage, you will find no marks or scratches on this cabinet door as the inside of the hook of this towel holder has a rubber lining. This also prevents slipping of the mounted towel holder. Sized 2 3/4-inchH by 9 1/4-inchW by 2 1/4-inchD, the steel towel holder fits any standard sized cabinet door or drawer.

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